Iran Holds First Place in the Middle East and North Africa in Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a web server to store your website
files. So, when someone is looking for your website by entering your domain, he will get
directed to your website.
Ali Asghar Ansari, the manager of network development of the Information Technology
Organization of Iran (ITC), told that Iran has got first place in web hosting in the Middle
East and North Africa beating Turkey to the second place.
In the world, it is at number four by hosting 65% of the popular sites that are visited by
the Iranians. This got possible because of the policies of the government there, which
support internet servers and also gets it cost efficient.
According to him, “One of the benefits of domestic data centres for content providers is
that they can directly connect to the IXP port”. Nearly 57% of the population of Iran are
net users as per an estimate.

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