Five Factors to Be Considered for Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider

5 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider
Cloud service is the most talked about online service recently. Several businesses that are
looking forward to expand their enterprise applications are considering the cloud to outsource
all their infrastructure requirements. It can be a daunting task to choose the perfect service
provider with so many cloud service providers in the market today. It is important to know
what your needs mean, so that you can research and assess the best service provider. Here are
few tips and selection requirements that can help you choose the best in today’s growing
Reputation and Reliability
Reputation and reliability are two important aspects you need to look for in an efficient cloud
service provider. For this, you need to understand who the firm is and for how long it has been
in the field. Also, consider the kind of clients that the company has and what joint ventures they
have accomplished. If you are looking for service providers for cloud computing or network
systems in Surrey and are consider a company like, then it would
be worth discussing things with few of their clients and associates to find out what they have to
say about the firm. This is that best way to assess them and fully understand their reputation
and reliability factors.
Type of Cloud Services Offered
This is a very important factor to be checked before choosing a cloud provider. Find out the
kind of services the shortlisted company offers. For this, you need to know what your needs are
so that you can opt for the services of the right company. There are software-oriented cloud
offerings like video and photo storage and Drop-Box for online documents. If all you need is just
fundamental data storage, many vendors provide a variety of general-purpose cloud services
like IT networking infrastructure, software and applications. So, decide your needs and look for
a provider appropriately.
Cloud Security
Security is of utmost importance as far as storing the critical data of your company in the cloud
is concerned. Proper security measures should be in place and they should be updated
constantly. You need to look for security features like firewalls, multifactor user authentication,
data encryption, routine security audits, and anti-virus detection. Also, find out who at the firm
will have access to your company information in the cloud. It is crucial to ensure that the

service provider performs background checks get rid of potential identity thieves or
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Support
SLAs and support are crucial to guarantee against any cloud downtime. When considering the
support commitment of a cloud provider, you have to ensure that quick action will be taken if
any downtime or issues arise. The problem should be looked into according to the agreed
timescales and in the agreed manner. Take those companies into consideration with dedicated
support with the ability to handle issues as and when they arise.
Keep these tips in mind when you try to find the right cloud service provider that can meet your needs.

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